Sunday, December 4, 2011

Google versus. Facebook [Infographic]

The competition found existence when Google released its fancy social networking, G . Although thought that Facebook was coming out, Zuckerberg’s pride and pleasure wouldn't be defeated. Works out Bing is better at something: keeping your privacy. Veracode’s new infographic by NowSourcing shows precisely how secure you’re this is not on everyone’s beloved Facebook.

google facebook privacy security

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Google Paperwork Presentations Presently Has Some Awesome Additional Features

I gave an introduction to the brand new Google Paperwork interface a couple of days ago. Google Paperwork team continues to be presenting new additions and have enhancements continuously but for whatever reason, the main focus has been in the excel spreadsheets and documents area of the Paperwork. Then when Google Paperwork introduced some days ago that they’ve refurbished Google presentations with a few awesome additional features, I had been excited and made the decision to talk about it with everyone here.


The brand new features mainly concentrate on making presentations collaborative by helping teams around the globe work easily on one presentation, and adding more beauty towards the online presentations that are produced using Google Paperwork.

Now you can collaborate on the presentation with built-in chat, revision history, synchronised editing etc, exactly like you did in the search engines excel spreadsheets.


Now visiting the “adding beauty” part, Google has added numerous features to create your presentations more lively. You will find new styles, transitions which help you add three dimensional effects, animations (lengthy looked forward to feature), sketches including designs and charts (finally), wealthy tables plus much more.


Overall, this certainly is really a necessary transformation for Google Presentations and really should push the standard Paperwork customers, who confine their activities to Google excel spreadsheets and documents, to test the internet tool to make presentations too.

The brand new stuff has been folded out progressively but when you cannot wait, you can request access by visiting Document Configurations on top right of the Paperwork interface, and under Editing, click “Create new presentations while using latest version from the presentation editor.” Also bear in mind these additional features demand that you simply ditch old versions of the browsers and migrate towards the latest ones.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Are You Currently Liking the brand new Gmail and Google Readers Interface?

Google continues to be moving the new Google Readers and Gmail interface in the last couple of days. Couple of days ago, it overhauled the Google Paperwork interface and also the changes designed to Google Readers and Gmail is on individuals lines.

Within this publish, we'll talk a little about individuals changes and just how it could impact your entire day-to-day use of these power tools. The alterations continue to be folded out which means you might get it right now but you'll probably obtain the new interface in no time.


You may remember our posts couple of several weeks ago where we spoken about calendar and Gmail’s change. Which was mainly the preview theme of Gmail and also the new Gmail look is dependant on that theme.

The objective of the brand new interface and also the features would be to reduce clutter and make sure Gmail’s features more accessible. Additionally, it introduces some nice personalization options which allows you view your mailbox in a variety of ways.

Have a look in the following screenshot which shows an e-mail conversation within the new Gmail. It certainly looks cleaner and, right think?


I’ll occupy the brand new features at length inside a future publish but from what it really appears like, it's not bad. Obviously it’s gonna make time to get accustomed to it.. it's certainly a substantial change from Gmail’s previous interface the thing is.

The brand new Google Readers interface hasn’t been received well through the audience the ones happen to be very vocal within their critique from the new interface. The main reason behind it was removing buddies and discussing options that come with Google Readers and integration of Google into that.


Integrating Google into Readers is sensible for Google, but discussing with buddies within their Readers list was something that many people did plus they were quite annoyed once they found that it's no more based on the tool.

Aside from that, the interface is virtually such as the changes designed to Gmail and Google Paperwork. More whitened, bigger buttons et al. I haven’t found the brand new Google Readers charming to date, mainly since it utilizes lots of screen property at the very top where it's the orange subscribe button.

How about you? What exactly are your thinking around the new Gmail and Google Readers? Exactly what do you want and dislike? Be part of your comments ought to.

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An introduction to the brand new Google Paperwork Interface

Google Paperwork continues to be moving out its new interface around the globe previously couple of several weeks, and it is a substantial vary from the Google Paperwork interface individuals have been familiar with to date. I lately got an opportunity to take a look and that i thought I’ll share some options that come with this change, and discuss what's transformed in the previous look.

The highlight from the new interface is decrease in clutter, large buttons and large amount of whitened. As you can see within the screenshot below, the buttons around the left are actually red-colored colored and the majority of the other buttons you discover is going to be grey colored.


There's a choice to rapidly switch to the classic look. Below it you will find the type and Configurations buttons. They've been made bigger to make sure better visibility.


You are able to sort documents by last modified, last opened up, title, storage used and priority.


The Configurations button has newer and more effective stuff, namely Display Density. Automatically it's set to comfortable however, you can alter the appearance slightly by switching to cozy or compact. In addition, there's the setup Google Paperwork offline factor which was lately introduced. You can't edit paperwork offline yet. Only offline viewing abilities can be found.


Whenever you choose a doc, at the very top, beneath the search bar, options can look to include collaborators, create folders, trash the doc and much more.


This new interface with increased whitened space and larger buttons is duplicated across Google Paperwork excel spreadsheets, documents and presentations.


Overall, I must state that the brand new interface is kinda various and I’ll take a while to get accustomed to it. There’s certainly less clutter and that’s a positive thing.

How about you? Did you receive a chance to test this new interface yet? How can you enjoy it?

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How you can Share a Google Circle

Google is constantly on the increase its users list and is constantly on the add wonderful features. Among the best reasons for the services are, obviously, Circles. The convenience with which you'll create friend circles and share quite happy with them selectively is exactly what classified Google from the kind of Facebook yet others in the to begin with (although Facebook did update their buddies list feature later make it possible for such like).

Now, you may also share your Google circles. Yes, for those who have produced lots of Circles according to your subject of interests and also the people you’d prefer to follow, you might like to share by using other Google customers whom you think may need your collection.

Let's see how to pull off discussing a Google Circle.

1. It's important to click the Circles tab in your Google home page.


2. Click the Circle you want to talk about.


3. You'll now discover the Edit, Remove and Share options. Click Share.


4. You'll now obtain a box from where one can share the Circle along with other circles or specific Google customers.


1. You are able to only share the Circles with Google customers.

2. The title of the Circle will 't be revealed whenever you share it. Neat, is it not?

3. Individuals who receive your Shared Circles could make their very own changes to that particular.

So, exactly what do you consider this feature? Are you doing lots of Circle discussing on the internet henceforth?

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Android Exceeds 200 Million Installations Universe Nexus Will get Rave Reviews

android-logoBecause the announcement from the Universe Nexus Phone that runs the Android’s latest Frozen Treats Sandwich (ICS) version 4., Android continues to be on the roll hogging limelight around the globe on the consistent basis. Also it warrants that since it has truly amazed even individuals who’ve been cynical of Android being an operating-system so that as an iOS competitor, using its new phone.

Before we discuss Universe Nexus, allows throw some light on the amount of Android installations on products all over the world. Based on Google, Android has surpassed the 200 million installation mark, reviews CNET. It's an amazing task as you would expect, and clearly determines the truth that Android is easily the most popular smartphone OS all over the world.


Now, visiting the Universe Nexus phone, that has been built by Samsung and runs the most recent Android version, continues to be garnering rave reviews from every corner from the tech and mobile space. Professionals state that this really is certainly the most wonderful and complicated Android phone ever built, and when we pass what Joshua Topolsky of Engadget fame who now's an element of the new site known as The Verge states, this really is “possibly the very best smartphone ever built.”

Click the image below to determine the video overview of the telephone by Joshua.


What exactly would you say? Purchasing the telephone when it’s offered at a store in your area? :)

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Are You Currently Liking the brand new Google Features?

You most likely realize that Google sprung to limelight a couple of days ago by opening itself formally to everyone and presenting a number of additional features. I'd almost begun convinced that the fad around Google passed away lower. But Google returned back and Google found forefront all over again.

Google added lots of something totally new to the popular Hangouts feature. It introduced it on Android 2.3 phones which have a front camera, the ones happen to be really liking it. The iOS support is slated to reach soon.


In addition, there's what Google calls Hangouts on Air that allows you apply the hangouts feature to perform a live broadcast. Neat!


It is not all. Now you can do such things as screensharing, use sketchpad, Google Paperwork plus much more with Hangouts. So Hangouts has become a complete-on collaboration tool.


The above mentioned feature will work better for Google Applications customers. Sadly, Google hasn’t showed up for Google Applications customers yet but hopefully it'll in no time.

Yes, now its not necessary to rely on third-party tools to look through Google . This feature, which most of Google customers required, was introduced lately.

Now you can do a google search using specific key phrases and obtain relevant results.


Aside from all of this, Google, inside a bizarre move, re-named its mobile Google group texting application from Huddle to Messenger. No innovative title in ways. :)

So, lots of good changes to Google recently. Have you have a look? Would you like them? Inform us within the comments.

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